East Kazakhstan Productional Branch

070700  Zaisan, 26-Konduyrina street
Tel: 8 (72340) 311-82
Office: 8 (72340) 790-30
E-mail: vkpf-ktga@mail.ru
Director – Kabdeshov Olzhas Kuatbekuly

The main project of branch is gasification of the city Zaisan in the East Kazakhstan region, and also the construction of gas – distributing systems and constructions on them 154 km long. The implementation of a two-stage project is designed for 2013-2014. As a result of “KTG Aimak’s” works the technological base for further gasification of settlements of Zaisan and Tarbagatay areas was established.
In the future it will provide with natural gas more than 80 thousand people in two districts of the East Kazakhstan region. On the route of the main gas pipeline besides the city of Zaisan it is planned to install gas in 9 more rural settlements of the Zaysan area (v.Karatal, v.Aynabulak, v.Kaynar, v.Zhambyl, v.Kogeday, v.Shalkar, v.Ulken Karatal, v.Karabulak, v.Kensay).

2013 Year of opening
154 km Length
80 000 People will provide with natural gas
2 Districts of the East Kazakhstan region
9 Settlements it is planned to install gas
1 Volume of gas sales, million. m³
1% Percentage of gas supply in the region