Shymkent Productional Branch

160002, Shymkent, Tamerlanovskoye highway w/o
Tel.: 8 (7252) 39-48-54
First Deputy Director – Ergali Aibek
Deputy Director – Bizhanova Aliya Amirovna

Among the achievements of the Shymkent branch of production over the past five years – an ambitious program to replace and upgrade gas supply networks in Shymkent. As a result in the regional center a half of subscribers of the city receive gas at the new updated system.

2002 Year of opening
9 Gas stations
2 Subscriber departments
852 Number of employees
6 314 023 m Length of pipelines
630,7 million. m³ Volume of gas sales
665,6 million. m³ Gas transportation volumes
267 715 Consumers, 261 223 homes and apartments, 660 industrial enterprises
and 5 832 municipal enterprises
48,8% Percentage of gas supply in the region