The gas networks of Karaganda were transferred to the national operator


Gasification of the capital and central regions continues in full swing in Kazakhstan thanks to the Saryarka main gas pipeline. A few days ago, a trust management agreement was signed between the Akimat of the Karaganda region and the production branch of KazTransGas Aimak JSC for the constructed gas distribution networks of the regional center.

To date, three launch complexes and intra-city gas distribution networks are already ready for operation. This infrastructure was built at the expense of the state budget by local executive bodies. Currently, almost 65 km of gas pipelines have been laid in Karaganda, and 129 km of gas pipelines are already ready in the whole region, out of the planned more than one and a half thousand. 1505 yards of the private residential sector in Karaganda itself and 2472 in the region will switch from coal to natural gas.

To date, almost 37 km of gas pipelines have been built and put into operation in Zhezkazgan. Additionally, the project provides for the construction of AGDS and gas reduction points. The number of subscribers connected to the gas supply system of the 1st stage will be 519.

27.8 km of gas pipelines were transferred to the trust management of KazTransGas Aimak JSC in Temirtau. It also provides for the construction of an AGDS and a reduction point, which, in stage 1, will provide gas to 448 subscribers.

To date, the construction of the first launch complexes in Karaganda, Temirtau and Zhezkazgan has been fully completed, and the construction of the second launch complexes is underway.

The Karaganda production branch of KazTransGas Aimak JSC started operating in November 2019. Its tasks include the transportation of gas through distribution systems and the provision of natural gas to end consumers.

Now the branch of KazTransGas Aimak JSC has created a subscriber department where you can get detailed advice and technical conditions for connecting houses to the gas supply system.

In general, the gasification project provides for the operation of 16 launch complexes in Karaganda, which will provide gas to 29,528 houses, in Temirtau 8 launch complexes for 4,498 houses, and in Zhezkazgan, 6 launch complexes for 4,562 houses.


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