Quality policy

The main objective of the Company in the field of quality — continuous quality improvement of services providing to consumers of gas, ensuring the safety and security of supply, trouble-free and uninterrupted gas transportation, fully meet the requirements and expectations of consumers.

We assume that:

  • The customer is always willing to receive such services that will meet their needs and expectations, and thus have an appropriate price;
  • Excellent quality is also achieved by the prevention of problems rather than identifying the causes and correction of problems appeared;
  • Any work performed by our employees is part of the work of services providing to consumers and it affects the quality;
  • Maintenance of high quality requires continuous improvement of processes, i.e. how good our work wouldn’t be, it is necessary to continuously search new solutions;
  • Each employee is both a customer and supplier to other employees, i.e. fulfilling he’s obligations qualitatively, he has the right to expect good performance from colleagues.

Our policy in the field of quality is aimed to:

  • Effective management of the transportation and sale of natural gas for the decision implementation of JSC «KazTransGas Aimak» shareholders on their compliance with current regulatory framework, requirements of national and international standards of environmental and labor legislation of the country;
  • Implementing activities for the further dynamic development of the company, introduction of modern technologies, modernization of production equipment and process optimization, improvement of culture and production safety;
  • Reduce costs and increase productivity in transportation and sale of natural gas by encouraging the implementation of advanced manufacturing technologies, modern techniques and systems of quality management;
  • Satisfaction and anticipation of the company’s customer and shareholder demand by improving the quality of management of transportation and sale of natural gas processes;
  • Improving professional qualification, competence and awareness of staff of the company and its branches, further improvement of the culture in the field of quality, environmental protection, occupational health and safety;
  • Motivate staff to perform the work with the understanding of their responsibility for the quality services;
  • Impeccable organization of contract works, the awareness of our responsibility for the work quality of contractors;
  • Organization of highly effective management in each of the divisions of the company.

The Company’s management takes responsibility for the implementation of policy in the field of quality and regular analysis of quality policy for continuing suitability.