Spotlight is on veterans


Meeting with veterans and home front workers on the eve of Victory Day is a good tradition in the KazTransGas Group of companies. According to gas workers, the Victory Day in the Great Patriotic War is still one of the main holidays, as a tribute to our compatriots who did not return home, and an opportunity to thank those who are still with us.

The initiative group of JSC “KazTransGas”, in all regions, with all precautions and compliance with quarantine measures, presented the veterans with valuable gifts from the National gas operator and handed over material support.

In every house, gas workers were greeted with great joy. The veterans recalled the past and thanked company workers them for an attention.

The gas workers expressed the most sincere words of gratitude to the veterans, thanked everyone for their invaluable contribution to the overall Victory, and wished them long life and a peaceful sky above their heads.

It is the duty of our generation to respect and appreciate the heroes of the war, to honor and preserve the memory of the Great Victory. Moreover, there are fewer and fewer heroes of that time every year. According to the latest data, 665 veterans of the Great Patriotic War live in Kazakhstan.

In total, more than 50 war veterans and home front workers received gifts from the company during the festive events.