The 100th subscriber is connected to natural gas in Nur-Sultan


Gasification continues in Nur-Sultan. Today, “blue fuel” was connected to the house of a thousandth consumer. The satisfied owners of the house were able to cook on gas for the first time. Admittedly, it is not only convenient, but also much faster.

– Every year the furnace was heated with coal. Every day they dragged buckets like that. Now we will use gas. Many thanks to the gas workers. Now I don’t need this coal,” says Kanat Bekibayev, the owner of the house on the street Kyzylkol.

– Gas is much better than coal. There is no soot from it. You don’t have to take out the ashes and bring firewood into the house. I’ve been heating the stove for 60 years. And now, finally, I can forget about this work,” says Alima apa to her son.

According to the gasification project of the capital, the construction of gas distribution networks in Nur-Sultan is divided into 3 stages with construction dates until 2023.

To date, gas pipelines and structures on them have been commissioned for 8 Start complexes (SCs) of the first stage of construction with a total network length of 413.32 km. Gas pipelines to the CHP-1,2,3 were built, hydraulic fracturing was installed in residential areas of Zheleznodorozhnyi, Promyshlennyi, Koktal-1, a gas pipeline was brought to residential buildings in the residential area of Koktal-2, Promyshlennyi, Agrogorodok, South-East.

At the moment, by order of KazTransGas Aimak JSC, the laying of networks of the 2nd stage is underway in the residential areas of Internationalny, Michurino and Kuygenzhar. The launch of gas in these areas is planned in the near future.

By the end of the year, about 14 thousand customers of the capital will have access to gas. Gas for the capital is a new type of energy. The safety of operation of gas equipment is main importance here. Therefore, timely conclusion of maintenance contracts is the key to the success and safety of equipment operation. All consumers need to remember the safety rules when using natural gas. Proper operation of chimneys and ventilation duct is safety and health. After all, the greatest number of carbon monoxide poisoning causes a violation of traction. It is also impossible to independently install, repair and transfer gas equipment and appliances. This should be done by specialists,” recalls Daulet Arykbayev, Director of the Astana production branch of KazTransGas Aimak JSC.

Currently, the Branch is working on issuing technical specifications to consumers to connect the gas supply system.


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