Almaty Productional Branch

050040, RK, Almaty, Bayzakova str., 280, BC Almaty Towers, west tower, 17 floor
Tel: 8 (727) 331-70-10.
8 (727) 331-70-03.
Director – Saparov Akilbay
First Deputy Director – Burambayev Talgat

Early development of the gas supply facilities of Kazakhstan and roll-out of the respective management system date back to 1958 when deliveries of liquefied bottled gas required a serious approach to the usage of gas appliances. At that time, the first gas service organization was established in the city of Alma-Ata (named GorGas, i.e. City Gas Authority) which dealt with the preventive maintenance and repair of the existing gas appliances. In addition to that, the LPG dispensing station was brought into operations to receive, store and sell liquefied gas and deliver it to the end consumers.

2016 Year of opening
1 Number of subscriber departments
8 Number of districts of the city of Almaty
65 Number of employees
856 309 Number of subscribers
5 412 km Length of pipelines
1 616 265 475 m³ Gas transportation volumes for 2020
1 813 Number of gas distribution cabinet boxes


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