Service projects

The JSC “KazTransGaz Aymak” also carries out other activities allowed by the legislation and coordinated in an order established by the legislation with the RK Agency on regulation of natural monopolies.

The primary activities of the JSC “KazTransGaz Aymak” technologically connected with the main, are:

  1. Operation and maintenance of gas distribution pipelines and constructions on them, and also the intra house gas networks belonging to the third-party organizations;
  2. Connection of again constructed gas distribution pipelines with carrying out the tests belonging to the third-party organizations or physical persons;
  3. Gasification of the private sector;
  4. Service of the intra house gas equipment;

Also the JSC “KazTransGaz Aymak” is engaged in realization of the gas equipment, including:

  • gas and smart card metering devices;
  • heating coppers (wall, floor);
  • cupboard regulatory points;
  • circular pumps;
  • gas analyzers;
  • gas contamination signaling devices;
  • voltage stabilizers;
  • gas stoves;
  • metal cases for gas metering devices.