In Shu works on gasification of inhabited sector and the enterprises are conducted. Construction of (street) and internal (in-house) gas pipeline is made by the LLP “BRIC-2007”. Connection and start-up of gas production is produced by the Zhambyl branch of JSC “KazTransGas Aimak”.

Pricing for the gasification of an apartment house in Shu

Services for drafting the gasification of a residential building is 11 200 tenge.

The cost of construction is 258 000 tenge, including VAT.

Installment payment on the following conditions:
— Initial payment 65,500 tenge, then to 17 500 tenge for 11 months;
— Initial payment 98,500 tenge, then to 14 500 tenge for 11 months;
— Initial payment 138 100 tenge, then 10 900 tenge for 11 months.

Connection services and start-up of gas are 17 163 tenge, including:
— 8,500 m — the price of domestic gas meter G-4;
— 1 086 tenges — seal of the metering device;
— 284 tenge — instruction;
— 7293 tenge — start gas two equipment;
— The cost of connecting a gas boiler for water heating, as well as device chimney determined after the fact.

You can also buy domestic gas appliances and equipment with automatic safety, with warranty service:
— Gas meters;
— Boilers (wall and floor);
— Gas pressure regulators;
— Switching gas control;
— Gas stoves;
— Circulation pumps;
— Water heaters gas flow.

On all matters of the gas supply, contact:
Shu Street. Seifulin, b / n,
Shu gas area Zhambyl production branch of JSC “KazTransGas Aimak”,
tel: + 7 726436-40-18, 6-40-61