Gas modernization continues

The second season in Taraz continues large-scale work on the modernization of distribution networks. Zhambyl production branch “KazTransGas Aimak” even in 2011, announced the upcoming update of gas networks in the city, which is necessary due to their deterioration.

According to the plan in the course of this work must be replaced with new three-tier system of gas supply to the two. That is, the system is completely removed the low-pressure gas pipelines, and each house is set mini-SHRP (the enclosure distribution point). Such a system is useful and gas suppliers, and customers. Due to the fact that the construction of underground pipelines is immense earthworks, contractors were required to bring the street, where there were works in their original form. Here and there were problems with the population. They were engaged in the commission the city administration, the contractors renovating streets; the number of complaints was very large. Now began a new season of work, and we decided to ask the management of the branch, as this year will be organized with the experience of last year. That’s what told the “F-T” branch manager Mukan Sadvakassov.

— What organizations are chosen by contractors this year for works on modernization?

— The contract organizations which are carrying out installation and construction works will be defined by carrying out the open electronic tenders held on the basis of rules of purchases of goods, works and services by joint-stock company “National welfare fund “Samruk-Kazyna” and the organizations 50 and more than percent of voting shares (shares) which directly or indirectly belong to JSC “Samruk-Kazyna” on the property right or trust management. For 2014 winners of the tender declared two organizations which are based in Zhambyl region, having the state licenses. They are LLP “Gas-Service” and LLP “Master Cher”.

— As well as by whom will be checked quality of the carried-out works?

— Works are conducted according to requirements of construction norms and governed (Construction Norms and Regulations), acting in RK, and projects. The branch conducts technical control of course of execution and quality of installation and construction works. Besides, and architectural supervision control of the course of works and their compliance with norms and rules, and also on compliance with design decisions is exercised.

— Whether coordination of earthwork with the city enterprises having underground communications is carried out?

— At a stage of development of the project the design organization “KATEK” LLP carried out coordination with the relevant enterprises on existence of engineering networks and communications. Besides, before installation and construction works contractors regularly call representatives of these organizations on those sites where earthwork for definition of a site of communication networks will be carried out.

— In case of substandard performance of work by contractors what measures are provided for violators of the contract?

— If at acceptance of work, and also during further operation in the period of guarantee maintenance of object any defects allowed because of contract organization were found, the contractor is obliged by own efforts and without increase in cost of the contract in the terms specified by the customer to eliminate the revealed defects for ensuring appropriate quality of works. The contract organization bears responsibility for any shortcomings found at operation of object during a warranty period if doesn’t prove that they arose owing to its wrong operation or inadequate repair of the object made by the customer or the third parties, and also inadequate protection of object by the customer involved by it. Also by terms of the contract it is provided that for poor carried out works penalties are applied.

— Whether came and how many complaints to quality of work of contractors to your organization?

— In 2013 to branch 317 complaints and 17 — in 2014, total 334 arrived. On each fact we create the commission and we make investigation. Unfortunately, besides quite reasonable claims, there are many cases when inhabitants try to receive, it is possible to tell, dividends for the account of modernization of gas networks. For example, trial according to the address of inhabitants of the third Kashaganov Lane, it around ophthalmologic clinic still proceeds. By the time of the beginning of work on this street there were traces of an asphalt covering. According to local inhabitants in the 90th years of the last century covered with it on the street a thin layer of cold asphalt. Naturally, in 20 years from it remained nothing. Nevertheless after laying of the gas pipeline inhabitants demanded a new full-fledged asphalt covering. We, in turn, suggested to asphalt a place of laying of the gas pipeline 1,2 m wide. Inhabitants don’t agree to it. The other day the place was visited by the commission of city akimat, hope that soon the matter will be removed. The branch, alas, has no opportunity to asphalt all streets which don’t have a hard coating in Taraz.

As this subject far isn’t settled by one article, we ask the residents of Taraz who faced problems during modernization of gas networks to address in editorial office of our newspaper. Ours телефон: 51-06-09, address: Zheltoksan St., 78.

Yury Yefimov
Zhambyl-Taraz (Taraz), No. 30