The number of settlements connected to a natural gas increases in Kostanay region

Within the framework of the implementation of the investment project of the national operator JSC "KazTransGas" - "Gasification of settlements and modernization of gas distribution networks of Kostanay region", residents of the village of Voroshilovka of the Karabalyk district received gas.
The first deputy governor of Kostanay region Gauez Nurmagambetov and the deputy general director of JSC «KazTransGaz Aymak”  Mukan Saduakasov took part in the solemn ceremony of gas a launch.
Within the project, about 6.9 km of intra-quarter gas pipelines were built. Out of 155 private houses, 49 have already been connected to natural gas, and another four have made the installation of a gas pipeline. There are also  4 shops, a school and a club in the village
First deputy governor of Kostanay region Gauez Nurmagambetov: - “ The implementation of the project has great socio-economic importance for the region. Access to natural gas will receive population and social facilities. We carry out this work for the future generation, which will work here, create families, develop a native village. The national operator  JSC "KazTransGas" bears a very important mission. For two years in the region will be built more than 600 km, gasified 8 new settlements of the region with a population of 50 thousand people. Access of the region's population to the "blue fuel" will increase by more than 10%.
Deputy of  General  Director of  JSC “KazTransGas Aimak” Mukan Sadvakasov: - On the instructions of the Head of the State, the General Plan for Gasification of the Country was developed. And within the framework of this plan, the national operator KazTransGas last year gasified Kachar and Oktyabrsky. This year, apart from your village, the villages of Alchanovka and Antonovka of the Denisovskiy district and the village of Togyzak of the Karabalyk region will be connected to natural gas. According to the project, construction of in-settlement and street gas pipelines is carried out by JSC “KazTransGas Aimak” .
Thus, the gas pipelines will be conducted to the yard of each subscriber, and the services for carrying out gas pipelines to the house and installing gas meters and gas equipment are carried out by the service departments.
Kostanai production branch of JSC "KazTransGas Aimak" gave a gas stove to the pensioner Natalia Sosnovskaya  who was the first  who applied for a gas connection. Natalia Sosnovskaya: "Before that, we basically used electricity, a gas bottle. Sometimes, when there was a strong wind, the light turned off, and the gas cylinder had to be filled all the time, besides, it is very dangerous. Now, with the connection of natural gas, I hope these problems will disappear. And our home we will always be warm. 
For information: In November 2015, a Memorandum was signed between JSC NC "KazMunaiGas", JSC "KazTransGas" and local Government  of Kostanay region within the instructions of the Head of State, to stabilize production processes and to ensure sustainable economic growth of the region, maintenance of social stability, uninterrupted gas supply and proper maintenance of gas pipelines and structures on them. Within the framework of this Memorandum in 2016, Kachar and Oktyabrsky are gasified with a population of more than 13.5 thousand people. At the moment, 55% of the population is gasified in Kostanay region.
This is more than 170 thousand subscribers. Of them: legal entities - 1,656, individuals - 168,624. Within two years it is planned to increase the number of subscribers to 220 thousand.