Investment projects

Modernization of gas distribution system

JSC “KazTransGaz Aymak” continues large-scale modernization of the existing gas network and gas gasification unreached villages.

Modernization of gas distribution system

Modernization of gas distribution systems of the South Kazakhstan area and Shymkent

Implementation of this, one of the largest investment projects started in 2009.

Modernization of the gas distribution network of the city of Taraz

It is the second city after Shymkent where networks of gas supply are completely updated and is under construction the new.

Gasification of Turkestan

Gasification of Turkestan began with the commissioning of the 1st stage pipeline “Beyneu — Bozoi — Shymkent”.

Construction of the feeding gas from the gas distribution station “Kordai" to the city of Shu

JSC “KazTransGaz Aymak” successfully implemented the investment project “Construction of the Bringing Gas Pipeline from the automated feeding gas distribution station from Kordai to the Shu city of Dzhambul region.”

Gasification of Kyzylorda

Construction of gas pipelines of high (total length 12 km) pressure, and low (195 km) pressure, with a total capacity of 22 thousand m³ of gas per hour allowed to provide with natural gas ungasified areas of Kyzylorda.

Construction of the gas pipeline of a high pressure from KMRTTs to GDP-1 in Kyzylorda (Zakoltsovka)

This project is designed to increase the reliability of the gas distribution system, stabilize the gas pressure in gas pipelines, gas supply sustainability of all consumers in the region, including the most remote.

Construction of the bringing gas pipeline of a high pressure around the Southern Industrial zone of Kyzylorda

Opening the new facility will allow 23 companies located in South Industrial Zone of Kyzylorda, go to the use of gas production activities.

Construction of the bringing gas pipeline of a high pressure around the Southern Industrial zone of Kyzylorda

Connecting Kyzylorda to the main gas pipeline "Beyneu-Bozoi-Shymkent"

With the commissioning of the first line of “Beyneu-Bozoi-Shymkent” city and districts of the region were able to connect to an alternative source of gas supply.

Gas pipeline construction to the Integrated gas-chemical complex (IGCC) in Atyrau area

In 2013, the gas pipeline construction to the Integrated gas-chemical complex (IGCC), near the station Karabatan, the Atyrau area, which task was creation of petrochemical productions on deep processing of hydro carbonic raw materials and production of polyethylene was successfully completed.

According to the project “Gasification of Zaisan”

According to the project “Gasification of Zaisan” the construction of 18,4 km of intercity and intra quarter distributive networks within the 1st turn of the project was completed in 2013, the coverage made 470 subscribers and a school.

Reducing unit gas

This facility is built on a point of intersection of the main gas pipeline “Akshabulak-Kyzylorda” and the main gas pipeline “Beyneu-Bozoi-Shymkent”.

In the near future:

  • Gasification of small towns, settlements Kyzylorda region — city Aral, Baikonur and settlements Aiteke, Shieli, Zhanakorgan, gas pipeline “Aryskum-Zhosaly” (a new source of natural gas resources to meet the needs of the southern regions of Kazakhstan);
  • Gasification facilities combined chemical complex in Dzhambul;
  • Construction of a pipeline to the CMC “Eskene”;
  • Construction of a pipeline to the gas turbine ANPZ.